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photo of Maverick Hunter X
Maverick Hunter X
Score: 94
by Aleksei Kor...
irish breakfast, cream, blueberry
photo of Maverick Hunter Zero
Maverick Hunter Zero
Score: 90
by Aleksei Kor...
forest berries, raspberry, tiger eye
photo of Mesmerised
Score: 98
by Aleksei Kor...
earl grey lavender, valentines, hibiscus


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Jan 8th 2015 | Public Msg
Hayden said:
nice description lol
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Jun 30th 2016 | Public Msg
Harris said:
Thanks for joining the Overwatch Fandom!

Latest Reviews

Nov 8th '20
The color is striking, and the flavor, while light, is pleasantly sweet and lemon-y.
Nov 8th '20
Delicious! I added a little honey, but I'm nearly certain it could stand on its own without it, and will try it that way next time. The scent is apple and strawberry, and honestly I'd buy a perfume that smelled like it. Definitely great before bed on a cold night.
Jul 12th '15
Smells INCREDIBLE in the tin, like, wow, I kind of just want to leave it open and use it as an air freshener. The taste once brewed is delicious, a nice sweeter chai with a hint of citrus. Worth making questionable deals for.
Nov 6th '14
Tasty! Almost has a faint note of licorice. A perfect thing to warm me up before bed.
Oct 31st '14
Dissolve perfectly in tea, and add just the perfect sweet note. Sometimes I admittedly just eat one or two. :)
Oct 31st '14
Really the perfect solution for a single mug of tea. The pot holds the ideal amount, the mechanism functions perfectly, and cleanup is easy as can be. I see myself making a lot more tea in the future.