Relatively fabulous blends for relatively fabulous people.
Contained herein are some of my favorite 'house blends' concocted over the past few years, with a somewhat-uniting retro-diner-blackboard theme. Refill yer cup, hon? (It's long past time to give these teas their own group, with their own sassy label, for the fancying-up of larger tins everywhere. Take wing, teabirds, and sing!)

photo of My Dear Watson
My Dear Watson
Score: 95
by Christa Y
earl grey bravo, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Witch's Brew
Witch's Brew
Score: 97
by Christa Y
caramel, hazelnut, pumpkin spice
photo of Squirrely
Score: 96
by Christa Y
almond, caramel, chestnut
photo of Chocolate in Paradise
Chocolate in Paradise
Score: 95
by Christa Y
coconut, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Excuse Me, Princess
Excuse Me, Princess
Score: 92
by Christa Y
apricot, blood orange, wild strawberry
photo of Something Rotten in Darthmark
Something Rotten in Darthmark
Score: 98
by Christa Y
cream, chocolate chip, raspberry patch
photo of A Midsummer Night's Mead
A Midsummer Night's Mead
Score: 91
by Christa Y
white tangerine, white tropics, blood orange
photo of Hunkin Spice
Hunkin Spice
Score: 90
by Christa Y
tiger eye, masala chai, pumpkin spice