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photo of minty comfort
minty comfort
Rating: 97
19¢ / cup
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summer night
Rating: 92
15¢ / cup
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paper tea filters
only $5

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photo of Lavender Mint
Lavender Mint
Score: 96
by Christa Y
peppermint, spearmint, honeybush vanilla
photo of My Dear Watson
My Dear Watson
Score: 95
by Christa Y
earl grey bravo, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Breakfast at Leslie's
Breakfast at Leslie's
Score: 98
by Christa Y
caramel, cream, vanilla oolong


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Oct 24th 2021 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
I was gifted a tin of your tea from Wishing Star back in July, and just got around to tasting it. I cannot post it (since I didn't "purchase" it) but wanted to share my review with you. There is a lovely floral and fruity aroma as the tea steeps into a pale peachy/gold color. The citrus flavors are delicate and yummy. Ah, this reminds me of the scent of a cool summer evening, and I can imagine being in Shakespeare’s woods where fairies and lovers romp. The Blood Orange is balanced well with the delicate white teas, which provide a smooth base for the citrusy tangerine, pineapple, and orange. It tastes great plain, but adding ¼ teaspoon (to 10 oz) really brings out the sweetness of the fruits. The coconut flavor shows up in the clean finish. There is minimal white tea astringency, so this is a magical delight. ( 4 mins @ 200ºF + sweetener)

Latest Reviews

Jul 1st '18
A good basic staple to have around. It's Earl Grey. It's decaf. It's just what I want when I'm in the mood for Earl Grey at night.
Jul 1st '18
This is the unicorn of teas! It makes a great 'here, have some magic tea' with which you can surprise your friends, since it starts out blue, then turns purple when you add a splash of lemon. The taste is ... well, the taste is like Froot Loops cereal. So, do you like Froot Loops, or magic? Then you'll go for this tea. :p (It's really more about the 'look' than the taste, methinks!)
Jul 1st '18
This herbal summer special is really good. It's fruity without being overwhelming, and it does indeed have a sweet dragon fruit flavor that tastes great both hot and iced. Nice!
Nov 25th '17
I usually use this herbal tea in blends, where it provides an appropriate strawberry flavor in all kinds of combinations. I've finally tried it solo, though, and it's really quite tasty -- fragrant, with a touch of rhubarb-strawberry tang. As usual, adding sweetener increases the flavor.
Oct 21st '17
This. Tea. Is. So. Delicious! I tried it on a whim, and its sweet orange-candy flavor -- with exactly the right pinch of turmeric in its flavorful underbelly -- just knocked it out of the tea-park for me. With a pinch of sweetener or honey, this is a zingy stunner. Yum.
Oct 21st '17
Cinnamon-y, spice-y, and deliciously nice-y, this tea makes a truly amazing mix-in whenever I want to add a little extra cinnamon 'oomph' to a blend. (In fact, I'd love to be able to use this tea *in* blends -- just in case anyone from Adagio is out there listening! Expand the teas we can blend with, pretty please?)
Oct 21st '17
Sour, sweet-tart, full of dark-orange scent and red-juicy flavor, blood orange is a solid herbal staple. Plus, it combines with blends beautifully, pairs interestingly with various spice combinations, and gosh darn it, sometimes I even like it plain.
Oct 21st '17
Very light crème brûlée flavor, with a hint of smoke, and an underbelly of artificiality -- maybe that was just my batch, though! I wanted this tea to be a little more full-bodied in flavor than it turned out to be, but if you're looking for a light dash of misty, autumnal, green flavor, this tea might be your misty, autumnal, green bag.
Sep 29th '17
Adagio sells two similar types of darjeeling summer tea: this puttabong version, and then a sungma version. For me, the puttabong is less sweet than the sungma -- puttabong tastes stronger, more malty, and a tad more earthy. (Sungma has a light, sweet, almost date-fruit underbelly, which I found I missed with this puttabong variant.) Perhaps the most fitting comparison is this: puttabong is the Irish Breakfast to sungma's English Breakfast. Choose your own darjeeling summer adventure!
Feb 7th '17
I gave the charcoal color as a husband-mini-gift this Christmas, and he loves it. When prompted -- 'Dude, how would you review your toasTEA?' -- he provided the following verbal review: 'Dude. Well. Uh. It keeps drinks hot, has a really nice [durable] outside finish, and it has a good self-opening lid. Oh, and it's also easy to wash.' We used to have an activiTEA (the glass travel container) and while that was very pretty and portable, it did indeed break one day. This option seems a little more long-lasting.
Oct 5th '16
Hmm! Perhaps I got an older batch with this appley teafellow. Methinks this fall-seasonal tea is better served by blending it with something else, e.g. a caramel, a nice mellow oolong, or even a chai. My sample has the *scent* of a toffee apple, albeit a slightly artificial one, yet as with many flavored ceylons, it seems to lack body/depth on its own. Beware the bitter-oversteeping monster, too.
Sep 17th '16
If you love jasmine teas like l'il ol' me, you'll love this l'il ol' sampler set. It's always fun to try varyingly various varietals, all swanky flight-style. Jasmine phoenix pearls and its peachy-floral goodness still makes my favorite list, though, so maybe you should just spring for that one instead. It's up to you. You make the jasmine call. :p
Sep 17th '16
Traditional, simple, and extremely satisfying, this tea has a wonderfully classic darjeeling flavor, with bright, almost date-like notes in the background. It works great as a hot high tea with milk and sweetener, of course, but I also particularly love this one iced. Definitely a keeper!
May 1st '16
Saw this for sale on a day with a full moon, and being the lover-of-eccentric-tea-ideas that I am, I grabbed it. It definitely tastes like an earl grey with coconut cream, and it's quite nice if you're in the mood for an earl grey update. The bergamot and cream actually play quite nicely with each other. I'm always pleasantly surprised when an earl grey works uniquely in a blend -- it's such a standard flavor profile already that it doesn't seem combine-able, but oh, it is. Or at least it can be. See: chocolate, vanilla, lavender, this one, etc. :p
May 1st '16
A really pleasant jasmine tea, both mellow and sweetly fragrant. This is a slightly more affordable choice versus jasmine phoenix pearls (my current favorite in Adagio's jasmine stable) -- I would say that jasmine phoenix pearls is a little sweeter, with a slightly-peachy note, whereas jasmine yin hao is a little more dry and clean. Choose your own jasmine adventure!
May 1st '16
I've had two utiliTEA kettles over the years, and this particular one was a gift. It's fast, it's simple, and it lasts a pretty darn long time, as long as you keep it clean and maintained re: ye olde scale build-up. If you're looking for a variable temperature kettle that just gives you simple, easy-to-use readings -- this one basically does 'black, or herbal, etcetera' (a.k.a. boiling) and 'any tea that needs to be steeped at a water temperature *below* boiling, like green, white, green oolong, etcetera,' this is the kettle for you. (If you're more picky, like ABSOLUTELY NO ONE THAT I KNOW COUGH COUGH me HACK COUGH, you'll probably want to go with a more specific-temperature kettle, where you can choose the exact temperature you want and quietly chuckle to yourself that oh yes, you are drinking tea at its optimum capacity, and you are *not* a tea robot beep boop beep.)
Mar 26th '16
If you're looking for classic earl grey flavor, this is the tea to try. Lots of bergamot, lots of mellow black tea flavor, lots of opportunity to get your Captain Picard on.
Mar 26th '16
This is a classic, completely herbal peppermint tea, full of appropriately sweet, minty flavor that 'keeps' very well in a well-sealed bag, and it's quite affordable, too. What more can one say? Works wonderfully in blends ... tastes lovely either sweetened or plain ... always a good choice ... hear ye, hear ye, ye olde peppermint, etcetera.
Mar 26th '16
This four-cup tea-steeper is a great, no-nonsense way to steep iced tea, sure, but it's also the perfect size to brew (non-teabag, non-teapot) tea for two people ... or for four, I suppose, if the four of you use tiny teacups. The only thing the ingenuiTEA system lacks, really, are little measuring-marks to indicate how much water you've poured in. (A tea snob needs accurate steeping ratios, Adagio!) To make up for this, I measure and then add said marks to the outside of my steeper with a Sharpie -- the marks do fade after many repeated washings, true, yet they're easy to ink back on as needed. Steeper hacks. You're welcome. :p
Mar 26th '16
This is a fantastic black tea, doing exactly what it should do: offer delicious breakfast tea fare and make you smile at the same time. I absolutely love the 'leap year' idea behind this tea, as it fits into the film which inspired it like a dance number filmed on a Scottish sound stage, and I applaud the person who thought it up. See you again in 2020, Brigadoon Breakfast!
Sep 22nd '15
Confession: I'm somewhat new to matcha. As a sample, it is indeed worth trying, with one caveat for other somewhat-newbies to matcha like myself: if you don't like green tea lattes, I don't think this variety will work for you (without some patience and experimentation, that is). I myself prefer regular green tea of *any* variety -- all the varieties, all of them, give me all the green tea you have, bwa ha ha haaaaa -- ahem, so a 'latte' interpretation of green tea remains a bit of a mystery to me. I'll gladly take my black and flavored teas with any amount of sweetener and creamer, but green tea with these things just feels ... wrong-headed, somehow. That being said, Adagio's matcha was definitely fun to try. With time/cooling, it became a little smoother, more pleasant, and less vegetative. It is *also* really quite yummy if you enjoy it alongside a sweet dessert, since matcha pairs so well with sweets (ingredient-wise *and* flavor-wise). Treat it like an after-dinner cappuccino and you should be fine. Newbie out!
Sep 22nd '15
Hojicha proved to be a really interesting tea. Its overtones of toasted/nutty/earthy grasses seemingly make it ideal more for blending than enjoying alone -- I could see this tea adding a flavorsome, hay-roasted underbelly to many a blend. As with all green teas that walk on the more-unusual side, beware of ye olde (bitterness-inducing) oversteeping.
Sep 12th '15
Alas, I've had better versions of this classic -- I might have gotten a bad batch, though, because my sample had a strong undercurrent of what I can only describe as a 'soapy aftertaste.' This might be why many reviewers prefer the Irish Breakfast, but of course I am not certain. I did brew it correctly, avoiding any possible oversteeping bitterness, and I did give it another try. Still no dice. Insert apologetic English shrug here.
Mar 27th '15
There's a lot of vanilla going on in this autumnal tea, with a light touch of pumpkin spice in the background. As with most honeybush teas I've tried from Adagio, I get none of the dreaded rooibos 'tobacco headache' effect from this one -- so, whew! This makes a cozy, lightly-spiced cup of caffeine-free chai, especially with milk and sweetener (which are pretty much required for chai anyway). Wish we could use this in blends!
Mar 27th '15
Received this as a free sample, so thanks Adagio! (Wish you guys could offer green teas as free samples, too -- do you? Hmmmm? Wheeeedle?) :p Caramel is a great tea when it is employed well in blends, as it can impart a sweet, brown-sugary flavor to a host of combinations. When tried solo it is quite nice, with an almost syrupy essence, although it naturally lacks the layered nuances and fuller-bodied flavors of a three-tea blend. This flavored ceylon really *demands* milk and sweetener -- without them, it can verge on bitter. A good, basic, sweet little tea.
Mar 16th '15
This green-jasmine tea has a nice sense of balance. It is neither too floral nor too grassy, and makes for a unique, mellow sip whether taken warm-as-tea or slightly-cooled. Plus, it works both plain and lightly-sweetened. I detect a very slight 'underbelly' of peach flavor here, but it is indeed slight -- note to the Adagio powers-that-be: I'd love to be able to create blends with a jasmine tea, but perhaps it is not cost-effective enough. Food for blending thought anyway!
Mar 10th '15
This li'l flavored tea came as a free sample with one of my orders. With sweetener and creamer, it makes a decent sweet solo-vanilla cup, with a nice/basic vanilla scent, and a nice/basic vanilla taste. It's good for making blends more creamy, but I doubt I would ever buy it on its plain ol' own. Out of all the vanilla teas available here, I think I prefer vanilla oolong or honeybush vanilla -- methinks they provide the greatest depth of flavor, comparatively-speaking. Vanilla oolong has a warm, brown-sugary flavor, honeybush vanilla is wonderfully creamy in blends, vanilla green provides a burst of cookie dough-like vanilla flavor (and a little goes a long way), this flavored vanilla is okay (albeit a little generic, and do make sure you don't overbrew in order to avoid the dreaded too-bitter ceylon effect), decaf vanilla is very similar to flavored vanilla, only lighter and less-intense (and both need to be properly-seasoned with cream and sugar), and rooibos vanilla ... well, the tobacco-y, headache-y quality of rooibos drives me insane, so why on earth would I want to drizzle vanilla over that? :p I know, I know. I have a lot of tea-fan-shame over admitting that the rooibos curse is too strong for me. I'm dealing with it. I'm taking a moment. Aaaaand I'm done!
Mar 4th '15
Got this as a free sample, so thanks Adagio! Tastes like chocolate -- nothin' too thunder-striking there, heh. Other reviewers' comparisons to Tootsie Roll flavors are right on. This would indeed be a good flavored ceylon for blends, although I still think chocolate chip has a more enticingly-chocolatey flavor.