The Good Place For Tea by Emily Strong

photo of 104% Perfect
104% Perfect
Score: 99
by Emily Strong
earl grey moonlight, blueberry
photo of Earth Is Cancelled
Earth Is Cancelled
by Emily Strong
cream, chocolate chip, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of I Have a Stomach Ache
I Have a Stomach Ache
by Emily Strong
ginger, lemongrass, peppermint
photo of Im a Legit Snack
Im a Legit Snack
by Emily Strong
mambo, citron green, blood orange
photo of Not a Robot. Not a Girl.
Not a Robot. Not a Girl.
by Emily Strong
pu-erh chorange, raspberry patch
photo of So I Simply Did Myself
So I Simply Did Myself
by Emily Strong
irish breakfast, cream
photo of 36,259 Days
36,259 Days
by Emily Strong
butterscotch, lavender lemon
photo of Cool, Dope, Fresh, Smart-Brained
Cool, Dope, Fresh, Smart-Brained
by Emily Strong
papaya pouchong, citron green
photo of Derek!
by Emily Strong
currant, lemon soleil, ginseng green
photo of Hello, Imbeciles.
Hello, Imbeciles.
by Emily Strong
lapsang souchong, chocolate chai
photo of Im a Ferrari!
Im a Ferrari!
by Emily Strong
berry blast, dewy cherry, raspberry patch
photo of Mama Needs Her Medicine
Mama Needs Her Medicine
by Emily Strong
mambo, chocolate chip, toasted mate