Hadestown Brand Tea by Strang1

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you TASTE IT?! Like a train. Is it coming? Is it coming your way?
The tea is an old song, a song of taste from long ago. I'm here to help you taste it though- Let this taste revive you as you go on through in this world of man, and help you through the hard times till spring comes again!

photo of Persephones Spring Tea
Persephones Spring Tea
by Strang1
pomegranate, white tropics, fruit medley
photo of Almighty Hades Tea
Almighty Hades Tea
by Strang1
earl grey moonlight, passionfruit, pomegranate
photo of Eurydices Home Tea
Eurydices Home Tea
by Strang1
white eternal spring, chamomile, dragon fruit dream
photo of Hermes' Station Tea
Hermes' Station Tea
by Strang1
earl grey moonlight, black cherry, tiger eye
photo of Orpheus's Muse Tea
Orpheus's Muse Tea
by Strang1
irish breakfast, passionfruit, hibiscus
photo of The Tea of the Fates
The Tea of the Fates
by Strang1
gunpowder, turmeric bliss, rooibos cinnamon apple