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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
Rating: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of airtight pitcher - black
airtight pitcher - black
Rating: 96
only $29
photo of Ram-steep Murdoch
Ram-steep Murdoch
Score: 97
by Mayatunes
thai chai, mango mate, kona pineapple

Signature Blends

photo of Persephones Spring Tea
Persephones Spring Tea
by Strang1
pomegranate, white tropics, fruit medley
photo of Hermes' Station Tea
Hermes' Station Tea
by Strang1
earl grey moonlight, black cherry, tiger eye
photo of The Tea of the Fates
The Tea of the Fates
by Strang1
gunpowder, turmeric bliss, rooibos cinnamon apple


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Latest Reviews

Feb 22nd '21
Nice aroma, nice taste, can really taste the sass, lol. But seriously, it has a light sweet taste, and tends to keep me active even when I forget it's not a night time tea, lmfao! (5 mins @ 200°F)
Feb 22nd '21
The taste is really distinct compared to the other's I've ordered, and I love how earthy it tastes. The aroma is light but sharp compared to the sweet scents of the previous fandom blends. (5 mins @ 200°F)
Feb 22nd '21
Light on the spice, and a tangy taste n' aroma, this tea has an earthy taste that tends to put a pep to my step in the mornings. (5 mins @ 200°F)
Feb 22nd '21
This one I liked for the aroma, loved for the taste. With or without honey, the drink has that 'I'm chillin on a Sunday morning' vibe. (3 mins @ 200°F)
Feb 22nd '21
There's a smooth sweetness I love about this and another that really calms me and is an awesome drink to have when wanting something sweet on the side. I also am a fan of the aroma as I drink. (5 mins @ 200°F)
Feb 22nd '21
Light earthy taste, slightly sweet with a hint of spice that balances well with something sweet to eat. Sometimes, I add honey and it's all the better too. Happy I was able to get this when it reappeared. (2 mins @ 200°F)