Pangolins in Hats by Tea Maiden

So fancy
Benefiting the world's most trafficked animal, these fancy pangolins are all dressed up for tea!

photo of The Derby Pangolin
The Derby Pangolin
Score: 99
by Tea maiden
lapsang souchong, vanilla, candy apple
photo of The Extremely French Pangolin
The Extremely French Pangolin
Score: 95
by Tea maiden
lapsang souchong, almond, caramel
photo of The 'Fez's are Cool' Pangolin
The 'Fez's are Cool' Pangolin
Score: 90
by Tea maiden
cream, ginger, vanilla
photo of The Whimsical Pangolin
The Whimsical Pangolin
by Tea maiden
peach, blackberry, hibiscus
photo of The Wizarding Pangolin
The Wizarding Pangolin
by Tea maiden
vanilla oolong, grapefruit oolong, white peony
photo of The Dapper Pangolin
The Dapper Pangolin
by Tea maiden
irish breakfast, mambo, chocolate