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photo of white strawberry basil
white strawberry basil
score: 94
24¢ / cup
photo of melonberry green
melonberry green
score: 92
17¢ / cup
photo of sunlit blooms (bags)
sunlit blooms (bags)
score: 95
from $9

Signature Blends

photo of Here's Your Precious Princess!
Here's Your Precious Princess!
Score: 99
by Tea maiden
summer rose, gunpowder
photo of Mother Knows Best
Mother Knows Best
Score: 97
by Tea maiden
earl grey lavender, forest berries, summer rose
photo of Poor Unfortunate Souls
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Score: 90
by Tea maiden
white tropics, white pear, spearmint


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Latest Reviews

Jul 4th '21
I LOVE Thai iced tea and this really hit the spot (especially with lost of sugar and cream!)
Sep 17th '20
Great value and no weird taste. Getting them through Adagio is 100x more convenient than cleaning out a diffuser or running around trying to find a store that sells them.