Myers-Briggs PersonaliTEA by Lottie Lurker

photo of INFP: The Idealist
INFP: The Idealist
Score: 99
by Lottie Lurker
lychee rose green, wild strawberry, pomegranate green
photo of INFJ: The Advocate
INFJ: The Advocate
by Lottie Lurker
foxtrot, rooibos vanilla, peppermint
photo of INTJ: The Strategist
INTJ: The Strategist
by Lottie Lurker
earl grey lavender, lavender lemon, cream
photo of ISFJ: The Defender
ISFJ: The Defender
Score: 99
by Lottie Lurker
maple creme oolong, assam melody, caramel
photo of ENFP: The Inspirer
ENFP: The Inspirer
by Lottie Lurker
white eternal spring, vanilla green, butterscotch
photo of ENFJ: The Giver
ENFJ: The Giver
by Lottie Lurker
spiced apple chai, candy apple, cinnamon
photo of ENTP: The Visionary
ENTP: The Visionary
by Lottie Lurker
white chai, toasted mate, white monkey
photo of ESFJ: The Provider
ESFJ: The Provider
by Lottie Lurker
honeybush pumpkin chai, pumpkin spice, cream
photo of ESFP: The Entertainer
ESFP: The Entertainer
by Lottie Lurker
hibiscus, dragon fruit dream, pu-erh tahiti
photo of ESTJ: The Guardian
ESTJ: The Guardian
by Lottie Lurker
cocomint green, irish breakfast, gunpowder
photo of ESTP: The Adventurer
ESTP: The Adventurer
by Lottie Lurker
thai chai, calypso green, ginger
photo of INTP: The Thinker
INTP: The Thinker
by Lottie Lurker
white pear, caramel, chestnut
photo of ISTJ: The Inspector
ISTJ: The Inspector
by Lottie Lurker
hojicha, hazelnut, cream
photo of ISTP: The Fixer
ISTP: The Fixer
by Lottie Lurker
mambo, mocha nut mate, lapsang souchong


photo of ENTJ: The Commander
ENTJ: The Commander
chocolate chai pu-erh, tiger eye, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of ISFP: The Artist
ISFP: The Artist
green rooibos citron, pu-erh dante, lapsang souchong