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photo of fujian baroque
fujian baroque
Rating: 94
12¢ / cup
photo of vanilla oolong
vanilla oolong
17¢ / cup
photo of paper tea filters
paper tea filters
only $5

Signature Blends

Score: 99
by Lottie Lurker
summer rose, strawberry, cream
Score: 99
by Lottie Lurker
caramel, apricot, honeybush hazelnut
lapsang souchong, cherry, earl grey lavender


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Mar 9th 2015 | Public Msg
Mod M said:
I love all your teas. I can't wait to get the Philip one I ordered. It looks really good. :)

Latest Reviews

Nov 24th '18
This is one of my all-time favorite teas. A tea shop near my old house sold this exact tea (purchased from Adagio and everything) and I always bought some when I was there. It s delicious and near-perfect, especially with rock sugar.