A Week of Flowers by J Martin

Images from the British Library's collection of public domain book illustrations: specifically "A Dream of a Garden and other poems With floral illustrations by W. F. M" (Ellen Clare Pearson, 1894), "Songs of Love and Joy. Poems [Hymns selected from 'Hymns of Faith and Hope.' With illustrations.]" (Horatius Bonar, 1888), "A Pathway of Flowers, an album for autographs, and ... verses ... With an introduction [in verse] by Helen Maud Waithman" (Helen M. Waithman, 1890), "Pansies for Thoughts, culled from the garden of literature [With coloured illustrations.]" (not listed, 1896), and "Poets in the Garden [With plates.]" (Maria Henrietta de la Cherois Crommelin, 1886).

photo of Tuesday
Score: 95
by J Martin
chocolate chip, honeybush chocolate, honeybush vanilla
photo of Monday
Score: 99
by J Martin
cream, dewy cherry, honeybush vanilla
photo of Wednesday
by J Martin
turmeric bliss, peach bellini, rooibos peach
photo of Saturday
Score: 90
by J Martin
white peony, peppermint, honeybush vanilla
photo of Thursday
by J Martin
rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Sunday
by J Martin
peppermint, decaf vanilla
photo of Friday
by J Martin
cream, white peony, decaf vanilla