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photo of milk oolong
milk oolong
score: 93
50¢ / cup
photo of fuzzy navel
fuzzy navel
score: 92
24¢ / cup
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ceramic teapot
score: 97
only $14

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photo of Puddleglum's Campfire
Puddleglum's Campfire
Score: 90
by J Martin
earl grey moonlight, cinnamon, gunpowder
photo of Moms Peaches and Cream
Moms Peaches and Cream
Score: 99
by J Martin
cream, pina colada, rooibos peach
photo of The Most Valiant
The Most Valiant
Score: 92
by J Martin
forest berries, berry blast, rooibos vanilla


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Latest Reviews

Jun 27th '22
This one's a good mid-morning tea - strong, pretty dark-chocolatey, can stand a good bit of milk without the flavors being covered up. Also very easy to over-brew (it does get bitter pretty fast so pay attention to your timer!).
Jun 27th '22
This is the new household iced tea this summer - M & I are keeping two pitchers rotating through the fridge so there's always some brewing.
Nov 21st '20
Dark and sweet and VERY peach-y - this has taken over as my making-breakfast tea lately.
Nov 21st '20
G (who has a taste for spicy teas way beyond the rest of us) loved this, though it was a little strong for M & J.
Nov 21st '20
The peach flavor is very mild (esp. compared to a stronger-flavored one like rooibos peach) but the overall effect is a very nice cup.
Nov 10th '20
This is becoming my go-to rooibos (in other words, 80% of what I drink in the second half of the workday...). It does need a little sugar to bring out the peach flavor when drinking it hot, but I was surprised to find that cold it doesn't really need that! Delicious.
Nov 10th '20
A perennial favorite in our house - we're stocking up again because this is one of the ones we gravitate towards in the winter. Sweet, mild, creamy, with a little spark from the lemon flavor.
Nov 10th '20
Nice - does the job and looks classy doing it. (It's very humid where we are, so I was most concerned with getting something that seals and keeps it dry, and these do.) It holds about half of one of those giant bags of white peach tea (8oz?) - although that's a fairly voluminous tea, so it'd probably hold a lot more of something denser.
Nov 10th '20
I loved this (sweet and apple-y!) but D said he couldn't taste anything but a vague sweetness, only smell the fruit, and M hasn't made up her mind whether she likes it or not. The scent is even nicer than the flavor, I'll admit, but the flavor is pretty good too!
Nov 10th '20
One of our favorites for a long time - we've been bringing it out when we have guests over to show it off, and we got more than usual when it came back this year because several friends requested it! Sweet, mild, and vividly colorful.
Nov 10th '20
G, who likes very very spicy things, loved this. It was much too spicy for the rest of us, but I think that's more to do with us than the quality of the tea... ;)
Oct 12th '19
I like these a lot (so did a guest who is a black tea drinker) - there's definitely that little hint of cocoa that others have mentioned - and they do stand up to 2 brewings! Probably my favorite non-flavored/blended tea right now.
Oct 12th '19
Rich and sweet and very fruity. J loved this, M thought it had a nice taste but an odd aftertaste, so we may be tasting different elements more strongly?
Oct 12th '19
These were fun! Sweet, not terribly heavy on flavor, but distinctly orange-y.
Aug 11th '19
M says this has a nice flavor, but it's very mild, so she's been using a heaping teaspoon or more.
Aug 4th '19
A favorite in our household - we've resorted to getting a big bag or two of this whenever it comes back around so we have some on hand the whole year round.
Jun 18th '19
This one is especially nice with honey and a little milk. Little bit darker than you'd think based on the aroma - the scent is more cream and coconut than the tea itself.
Jun 18th '19
I hadn't realized these were as big as they are - they're meant for a big 24oz brewer - but they're very tasty!