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photo of milk oolong
milk oolong
Rating: 94
50¢ / cup
photo of fuzzy navel
fuzzy navel
Rating: 91
24¢ / cup
photo of ceramic teapot
ceramic teapot
Rating: 97
only $14

Signature Blends

photo of Puddleglum's Campfire
Puddleglum's Campfire
Score: 90
by J Martin
earl grey moonlight, cinnamon, gunpowder
photo of Moms Peaches and Cream
Moms Peaches and Cream
Score: 99
by J Martin
cream, pina colada, rooibos peach
photo of The Most Valiant
The Most Valiant
Score: 92
by J Martin
forest berries, berry blast, rooibos vanilla


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Latest Reviews

Nov 21st '20
A nice sweet-mint blend, though I think I went a little too heavy on the vanilla with this one. (4 mins @ 205°F)
Nov 21st '20
Dark and sweet and VERY peach-y - this has taken over as my making-breakfast tea lately. (3 mins @ 205°F)
Nov 21st '20
G (who has a taste for spicy teas way beyond the rest of us) loved this, though it was a little strong for M & J. (4 mins @ 205°F)
Nov 21st '20
The peach flavor is very mild (esp. compared to a stronger-flavored one like rooibos peach) but the overall effect is a very nice cup. (3 mins @ 200°F)
Nov 21st '20
So with this one we were trying to re-create something M had a while ago and liked, but that we were never able to find again. The verdict: waaaaay too much cream. On to the next attempt! (4 mins @ 212°F)
Nov 10th '20
This is becoming my go-to rooibos (in other words, 80% of what I drink in the second half of the workday...). It does need a little sugar to bring out the peach flavor when drinking it hot, but I was surprised to find that cold it doesn't really need that! Delicious. (5 mins @ 200°F)