Death Note by Mika Martinie

photo of Shinigami Love Apples!
Shinigami Love Apples!
by Mika Martinie
spiced apple chai, rooibos cinnamon apple, candy apple
photo of Baby-Faced Gunslinger
Baby-Faced Gunslinger
by Mika Martinie
vanilla, maple creme oolong, gunpowder
photo of Chain Smoking
Chain Smoking
by Mika Martinie
irish breakfast, butterscotch, gunpowder
photo of Chocoholixx
by Mika Martinie
chocolate, hazelnut, chocolate chai
photo of Endless Love
Endless Love
by Mika Martinie
valentines, blackberry, summer rose
photo of Sweet Tooth Eccentric
Sweet Tooth Eccentric
by Mika Martinie
assam melody, strawberry, vanilla
photo of Toybox
by Mika Martinie
white blueberry, berry blues, rooibos vanilla
photo of Two-Faced God
Two-Faced God
by Mika Martinie
cream, currant, hojicha
photo of Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love
by Mika Martinie
white peony, white eternal spring, spearmint