Tangled Teas by Faith K

photo of Wind in My Hair
Wind in My Hair
by Faith K
peach oolong, rooibos vanilla chai, cream
photo of Set the Spirit Free
Set the Spirit Free
by Faith K
earl grey lavender, blackberry, currant
photo of Crossing The Line
Crossing The Line
by Faith K
cinnamon, blackberry, mambo
photo of Waiting In the Wings
Waiting In the Wings
by Faith K
earl grey moonlight, hibiscus, forest berries
photo of Nothing Left To Lose
Nothing Left To Lose
by Faith K
blackberry, spearmint, vanilla oolong
photo of Varian
by Faith K
spiced apple chai, pu-erh hazelberry, gunpowder
photo of With You by My Side
With You by My Side
by Faith K
grapefruit oolong, citrus mint green, peach oolong


photo of Cassandra
pu-erh dante, decaf spice, grapefruit oolong
photo of Sundrop & Moonstone
Sundrop & Moonstone
honeybush orange, earl grey moonlight