Owens Apothecary by Paige Wetmore

Blends inspired by the book and film Practical Magic.

photo of The Aunts
The Aunts
Score: 90
by Paige Wetmore
chocolate, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Sisters
by Paige Wetmore
summer rose, vanilla oolong, wild strawberry
photo of The Craft
The Craft
by Paige Wetmore
almond, caramel, spiced apple chai
photo of Banishing Syrup
Banishing Syrup
by Paige Wetmore
cream, maple creme oolong, vanilla green
photo of Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon
by Paige Wetmore
earl grey moonlight, blood orange, honeybush vanilla
photo of Death-Watch Beetle
Death-Watch Beetle
by Paige Wetmore
pomegranate, green pekoe, cranberry
photo of Gillian
by Paige Wetmore
fiery cinnamon spice, spiced green, toasted mate
photo of Halloween Night
Halloween Night
by Paige Wetmore
honeybush pumpkin chai, honeybush chocolate, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Hanging Rope
Hanging Rope
by Paige Wetmore
honeybush chocolate, honeybush vanilla, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Maria's Island
Maria's Island
by Paige Wetmore
grapefruit, lemon soleil, white tangerine
photo of Phone Tree Day
Phone Tree Day
by Paige Wetmore
vanilla, lemon soleil, white strawberry
photo of Sally
by Paige Wetmore
irish breakfast, chamomile, peppermint
photo of Solstice Celebration
Solstice Celebration
by Paige Wetmore
strawberry, white eternal spring, lemongrass
photo of Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye
by Paige Wetmore
tiger eye, butterscotch
photo of Verbena Botanicals
Verbena Botanicals
by Paige Wetmore
earl grey lavender, fruit medley, lemongrass


photo of Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo
papaya pouchong, white pear, white cucumber