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photo of english breakfast
english breakfast
score: 94
20¢ / cup
photo of irish breakfast
irish breakfast
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of brigadoon breakfast
brigadoon breakfast
available Feb 2024

Signature Blends

photo of Leaky Cauldron
Leaky Cauldron
Score: 92
by Paige Huntman
cream, chocolate chip, dewy cherry
photo of Crookshanks
Score: 99
by Paige Huntman
orange, spiced apple chai, honeybush vanilla
photo of Honeydukes
Score: 94
by Paige Huntman
caramel, maple creme oolong, candy apple


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Latest Reviews

May 28th '21
True blueberry flavor. Quite enjoyable.
May 28th '21
This is one of the most universal tea blends I've found. It can be enjoyed 365 days a year and still feel appropriate, no matter the weather! I've had this warm (with honey), iced, and even as a sun tea. Light mouthfeel, yet so flavorful. I was not disappointed!
Feb 5th '21
I was pleasantly surprised by this tea. I've never tried an arabica tea before and now I'm hooked! Earl Grey teas are my favorite, and the bergamot in this blend was SO flavorful - while still being light (which I wasn't expecting from coffee leaves!)! Divine!
Feb 5th '21
It's true that finding a chocolate tea that tastes authentic (not the plastic-y artificial chocolate flavor) is difficult. I would say this tea is one of the few I've found that truly lives up to the chocolate name. It's rich, and velvety, and all around delightful. Add cream and sugar for a milk chocolate truffle taste!
Feb 5th '21
So smooth! This is one of my favorite anytime teas. Delicious as-is or with cream and sugar for an indulgent treat!
Feb 5th '21
I adore this blend. Minty teas are one of my favorite because I have chronic headaches. Everything in this tea lends to a wonderful, relaxing aroma. Not to mention it tastes superb and takes the edge off my headaches. I will definitely be purchasing again.
Jan 17th '21
As other reviews state it's a lovely color. Most of the flavor comes from the lemongrass. I prefer this iced - as it's reminiscent of lemonade.
Jan 17th '21
This was alright. The second half was much more what I expected this to be than the first half. I was hoping the entire calender would be full of seasonal flavors. So that was a little disappointing. I think it would also be nice to have a tea to enjoy on Christmas Day as well. But this advent calendar only went to the 24th. Was an okay experience... but I'm not sure I'd purchase again.
Oct 5th '20
By the ingredients it sounds delightful. I really wanted to LOVE this tea. But I just can’t get over the smokiness of lapsang souchong... it’s so overpowering and nauseating. I will say this does smell (and taste) exactly like a campfire. It’s definitely not for everyone... But if you enjoy smokiness this could be the tea for you!
Jul 30th '20
I will definitely join the CommuniTEA again! A great way to try new teas & very reasonably priced.
Jul 16th '20
This smells exactly like a Piña Colada! Delightful iced. I like to add a bit of honey too.
Jun 30th '20
The dried tea gives off a wonderful aroma, reminiscent of a spiced fruit cake. Brewed, the cinnamon flavor is very strong with a fruity finish. This is an excellent tea to enjoy on a rainy morning!