Lost but not forgotten... by Liz Holding

Retired Blends
These blends didn't find too much success on Adagio. But it's okay! You can still get them - they are just part of the retired collection of teas.

photo of Antioxidant Green
Antioxidant Green
by Liz Holding
pomegranate green, vanilla green, raspberry green
photo of A Song of Ice and Fire
A Song of Ice and Fire
by Liz Holding
vanilla green, spearmint, wild strawberry
photo of Iced Berry
Iced Berry
by Liz Holding
berry blast, raspberry patch, wild strawberry
photo of Sweet China Doll
Sweet China Doll
by Liz Holding
rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla, rooibos jasmine
photo of The Three Eyed Raven
The Three Eyed Raven
by Liz Holding
caramel, cream, blackberry


photo of Green Citrus Accolades
Green Citrus Accolades
mandarin green, mango green, cherry green