Teafiction by Magistra Frutex

A good fic, like a good cup of tea, can be the balm for what ails you.
Favorite tropes meet favorite brews in Teafiction, a series of blends celebrating the things you love most in fanfiction. Keep a nice hot cup at your side as you read or write!

photo of Slow Burn Brew
Slow Burn Brew
Score: 99
by Magistra Fr...
white pear, vanilla oolong, white peony
photo of Gourmet Angst
Gourmet Angst
by Magistra Fr...
earl grey moonlight, tiger eye
photo of Teanemies to Lovers
Teanemies to Lovers
by Magistra Fr...
tiger eye, valentines
photo of Reader's Tears
Reader's Tears
by Magistra Fr...
earl grey lavender, white blueberry, rooibos jasmine
photo of A Cupful of Fluff
A Cupful of Fluff
by Magistra Fr...
white tangerine, honeybush vanilla
photo of There Was Only One Cup
There Was Only One Cup
by Magistra Fr...
decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme, decaf raspberry
photo of Plot Twist
Plot Twist
by Magistra Fr...
cinnamon, cranberry, masala chai