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photo of milk oolong
milk oolong
score: 94
50¢ / cup
photo of golden flower
golden flower
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of raja oolong chai
raja oolong chai
score: 95
17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Sleep for the Watcher
Sleep for the Watcher
Score: 99
by Magistra Fr...
rooibos almond, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Aedyran Blue
Aedyran Blue
Score: 99
by Magistra Fr...
earl grey moonlight, blueberry
photo of Awakened Chai
Awakened Chai
Score: 99
by Magistra Fr...
ginger, honeybush pumpkin chai


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Messages for Magistra:

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Jul 9th 2022 | Public Msg
Marlicia said:
Oh, thank you very much, Magistra. Much appreciated. Enabling I shall now go, LOL. God bless...
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Jul 9th 2022 | Public Msg
C said:
Congrats Magistra for your photo win for RJ! I love your knitting.
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Jul 11th 2022 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Congratulations on the photo win. I love your hand warmers,gorgeous pattern and color.
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Jul 15th 2022 | Public Msg
Janet said:
Congratulations on your photo win, Magistra!
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Jul 27th 2022 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Since you seem to knit so many socks, I was wondering if you would be interested in knitting a couple of Christmas stockings from an old pattern of my aunt's? My stocking was the first, and my oldest son was the 100th one she knitted. She is gone now, and my youngest son is getting married and I want a stocking for his wife that matches. My email is EMail me if you are interested (I would pay) and I can send you photos of the pattern and the stockings. I live in Amherst, Ohio - so it would not be too far away. I would pay for the shipping, too. Thanks for thinking about it.

Latest Reviews

Mar 2nd '20
My new favorite green tea: it's got that classic, slightly grassy green tea taste, plus a delightful nuttiness. This tastes like the platonic ideal of green tea.
Mar 21st '19
I decided to give this a try when I was looking for a replacement for my old Brita water filter pitcher, and I'm glad I did. This one holds less water, but filters so much faster than my old pitcher that it's much more convenient; if I've poured out all the water from my GraviTEA and need more, it only takes a few seconds to process it. Tastes great too!
Oct 26th '18
Really soothing flavor, a lovely evening tea!
Jul 4th '18
A nice sweet, fresh flavor for an afternoon caffeine-free iced tea!
Jul 4th '18
Tried it out for the health benefits; turns out it's a great, soothing flavor too! A little fruity, a little spicy, my new favorite evening caffeine-free tea.
Jul 1st '16
Jasmine teas are one of my favorite things (it was a Jasmine green from Teavana that got me started on loose leaf teas a few years ago) so I gave the jasmine sampler a try. Everything in it was good, but this one was just outstanding and I hadn't even finished my first cup before I knew I'd have to order more. The white tea is a little milder than the greens that I usually prefer, and the jasmine aroma is so relaxing, while the taste of it blends just right with the tea, not too overpowering. Low caffeine means I can drink it all through the day, and the leaves hold up well enough to resteeping that I can get two or three cups out of it each time.


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