Fire Emblem: Three Houses by Ariana T

"There is nothing quite like a tea party to brighten your spirits, don't you think?"
Tea blends based on the various teas that show up in the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

photo of Rose Petal Blend
Rose Petal Blend
by Ariana T
summer rose, white eternal spring
photo of Southern Fruit Blend
Southern Fruit Blend
by Ariana T
peach oolong, apricot, mango
photo of Honeyed-Fruit Blend
Honeyed-Fruit Blend
Score: 99
by Ariana T
honeybush, fruit medley, sour apple
photo of Lavender Blend
Lavender Blend
Score: 95
by Ariana T
earl grey lavender, white peony
photo of Leicester Cortania
Leicester Cortania
Score: 90
by Ariana T
peach, currant, pomegranate
photo of Sweet-Apple Blend
Sweet-Apple Blend
by Ariana T
cream, candy apple, sour apple
photo of Four-Spice Blend
Four-Spice Blend
by Ariana T
masala chai, thai chai, ginger
photo of Bergamot
by Ariana T
earl grey bravo, ceylon sonata, orange
photo of Hresvelg Blend
Hresvelg Blend
by Ariana T
turmeric bliss, white peony, fruit medley
photo of Almond Blend
Almond Blend
by Ariana T
almond oolong, almond, chestnut
photo of Tea of the Saints
Tea of the Saints
by Ariana T
lemongrass, ginseng green, green rooibos
photo of Chamomile (No Rooibos)
Chamomile (No Rooibos)
by Ariana T
chamomile, white peony
photo of Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea
by Ariana T
ginger, oriental spice, green chai
photo of Chamomile
by Ariana T
chamomile, rooibos jasmine
photo of Cinnamon Blend
Cinnamon Blend
by Ariana T
cinnamon, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Dagda Fruit Blend
Dagda Fruit Blend
by Ariana T
blackberry, raspberry, cranberry
photo of Albinean Berry Blend
Albinean Berry Blend
by Ariana T
vanilla, blackberry, currant
photo of Crescent-Moon Tea (No Rooibos)
Crescent-Moon Tea (No Rooibos)
by Ariana T
earl grey moonlight, white pear, white peony
photo of Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves
by Ariana T
spearmint, peppermint, citron green


photo of Almyran Pine Needles
Almyran Pine Needles
hojicha, pu-erh dante, spearmint
photo of Crescent-Moon Tea
Crescent-Moon Tea
rooibos, earl grey moonlight
photo of Angelica Tea
Angelica Tea
pu-erh dante, yerba mate