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photo of darjeeling puttabong summer
darjeeling puttabong summer
39¢ / cup
photo of darjeeling sungma summer
darjeeling sungma summer
score: 94
20¢ / cup
photo of yunnan noir
yunnan noir
score: 96
20¢ / cup

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photo of Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
Score: 99
by Ariana T
white blueberry, white tropics, berry blues
photo of Jasper
Score: 93
by Ariana T
peach oolong, mango mate
photo of Garnet
Score: 90
by Ariana T
pomegranate green, raspberry patch, mocha nut mate


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Messages for Ariana:

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Aug 7th 2016 | Public Msg
Jessica said:
Thank you for sending me some Pu'erh Chorange! That was very kind of you.
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Feb 6th 2020 | Public Msg
Katrina said:
Connie and Steven have quickly become household staples. Your blends are lovely! I cannot wait to buy the large tin of Re:Spinel when the artwork is finished! XD

Latest Reviews

Aug 26th '21
Sleek and pretty easy to figure out. Holds a bunch of tea and seems to infuse well. My only problem is figuring out how to sweeten an entire pitcher of tea! Works great- is a little big for my fridge but it -just- fits so we re safe.
Apr 11th '21
Such a fun drink, always enjoy a cup. Tastes like the description says.
Apr 11th '21
This was very fun! There were some I had already had before but It was still fun to see what came out. Easy to use.
Apr 11th '21
Cute little cups, have not yet purchased the teapot itself. They re very small and get hot very easily so they re best for cooler teas that you want more so you can focus on the flavor. Hope to get the teapot later on down the line.
Nov 29th '20
It's definitely a green tea. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it, but I'm not much of a green tea person. But it tasted like a deeper green tea, so those who like the heartiness of black tea but the flavor of green may like this.
Aug 16th '20
For a white tea very good. Soft and soothing, no sugar needed.
Aug 14th '20
It was okay, I didn't like the flavor alone that much but it was a decent semi tart cup of black tea.
Aug 8th '20
Had it hot and it was great! A gentle citrus. Would probably be good iced but I don't generally ice my teas.
Aug 3rd '20
It's okay, not very strong but still good and a nice addition to blends.
Aug 2nd '20
It's a gentle orangey tea thats good hot and cold.
Aug 1st '20
Was good, maybe a little astringent? I didn't finish it but I also added milk. I'd drink it again though. Good nut flavor.
Jul 28th '20
I couldn't find a balance for this tea, whether hot or iced. Not a fan.
Jul 24th '20
Pretty good! Nothing I'd buy separately but it'd be good in blends.
Jul 22nd '20
The tea and the mango flavoring combine really well in this tea! I had it hot, brewed 180 for 3 minutes and I feel like I could really taste the mango in this compared to the last mango tea the communiTEA offered.
Jul 20th '20
I've had a bad experience with rose teas in the past so this is rather nasty to me. However I can see how someone who likes the flavor could like it, cause it's definitely there. I brewed it at the White tea setting on the velociTEA and added milk and sugar and it was... Bearable.
Jul 18th '20
It's hard to describe what this tastes like, but it's hearty and flavorful. A bit of sweetener really brings out the flavors, but could probably be great without it as well. I'd definitely think about buying it again. It's just a good strong cup of tea. Brewed using the Oolong setting on the velociTEA.
Jul 16th '20
A soft sweetness that does good with a little sugar. Not appealing at all hot, but a lovely sip when iced. Might buy one day.
Jul 13th '20
I'm not much of a citrus person, but this is great! Very refreshing and nice; did it with the Oolong setting on the velociTEA.
Jul 11th '20
A light, gentle tea. The mango flavor isn't very strong but it is a nice drink in general.
Jul 10th '20
Very good coconut and black tea! I steeped it at 212 for 5 minutes in the velociTEA but it's still tasty. The smell and taste of the coconut is rather soft and doesn't taste like overly processed chemical coconut hell. Coconut flavor is rather gentle so it's not like a coconut punch to the face, but it is coconut!
Jul 8th '20
For a rooibos, which I usually do not like, This is very good! A nice fruitiness and not much if any of that medicinal taste that a lot of rooibos have. There is a little something there that's different from white or black teas, but it's not the kind of taste I despise.
Jul 7th '20
It's chocolate! Good for adding to blends, though the chocolate chips are a bit odd, but fun to look at.
Jul 5th '20
A soft yet bright flavor- the citrus isn't THERE but it accompanies the green tea nicely. To say it in another way, don't drink this if you're craving straight citrus, as the citrus flavors are more an accompaniment to the green tea. If you're not a fan of the whole vegetalness that many green teas usually have then this might be a nice inbetween.
Jul 5th '20
A nice fruity blend. Got it because my fiance is a taurus and I like blends like this.
Jul 5th '20
Good, but not a blend that really stood out to me. I ll probably try it again sometime but my first taste wasn t one that shone above other blends I ve had. Edit: However, sometimes you just want a black tea... And this does a great job of doing that! I recently wanted tea but didn't really have any regular black teas, this blend is nice and fulfilled that black tea kick i had.
Jul 5th '20
It s fun! something to look forward to everyday and it s often something new or something i ve never tried on its own before.
Jul 4th '20
I don't know anything about Darjeeling but the description did a good job of describing it! Would think about buying it again!
Jul 3rd '20
As a green tea, I find this quite lovely! Im usually not a fan, but this tea has a gentle flavor that is not too grassy or vegetal to me; It has a smooth balance. I wouldn't say I love it to the point of wanting to buy more, but if I was asked what unblended green tea I'd like to drink then this would be up there!
Jul 2nd '20
I'm not a fan of tart, punchy 'teas' or drinks in general. It could probably be good iced but as it is It doesn't appeal to me. People who like fruit punch would probably like it though.
Jun 27th '20
It does have a smooth mouthfeel, but it doesn t taste buttery- I suppose it is a bit there in the scent. Flavor wise it somewhat reminded me of a greenbean? But at the same time not... I added a teaspoon of sugar to my second steep and found it rather tasty. Not a flavor I d want often, but not bad!
Jun 27th '20
First impression was; such a heavy box! It comes in a box of a few packets of liquid tea concentrate in packets that are quite similar to the normal packets that tea leaves comes in- minus the ziplock seal. Once poured into the mug I added the exact suggested 12 oz just to see how it d be as advertised- using 180 degrees as is suggested for a green tea, despite not actually needing to brew it I figured it be closest to a normal tea experience. The smell is rather nice, it has a gentle jasmine scent with maybe a nectary-honeyness to it. The taste is good but not amazing- as there is some bitterness to it that I feel like could be maybe avoided if you brewed it straight from the leaves. Overall it s good, especially if you use it on the go as intended- would make having a nice cup of tea at work a lot more possible on short breaks. Can t give it full stars due to the underlying bitterness though, but I would consider ordering it again- or trying other teas (I got jasmine because I was thinking about having jasmine tea with my lunch while at work).
Jun 18th '20
It was good, but it wasn t anything particularly amazing too me. The experience would probably improve over multiple steeps but I often don t want more than one or two cups of tea- especially of one that just tastes like a lackluster black to me. Still good though! It s just not my favorite.
Jun 17th '20
has money in it! Sent it to a friend because they bought the velocitea.
Feb 14th '20
Had this tea in the christmas advent calendar and fell in love! Ordered a big ole bag of it. (At least I THINK this is the same chestnut, can t imagine it d be a different one... but you never know...)
Dec 8th '19
The tea and mug seemed undamaged but the framing around the mug was tore before I opened it for the first time. 4 stars since I know the tea is good and surely the mug as well.