Woodlands by Sara Hubert

for Nature Lovers
Blends representing the inhabitants of our woodlands!

photo of Coyote Blend
Coyote Blend
Score: 99
by Sara Hubert
earl grey lavender, forest berries
photo of Coyotes Kindness
Coyotes Kindness
by Sara Hubert
chamomile, pina colada
photo of Hearts
by Sara Hubert
earl grey moonlight, strawberry, vanilla
photo of Rabbit Blend
Rabbit Blend
by Sara Hubert
chamomile, wild strawberry
photo of Bear Blend
Bear Blend
Score: 99
by Sara Hubert
blueberry, blackberry, vanilla oolong
photo of Crow Blend
Crow Blend
by Sara Hubert
pu-erh dante, sour apple
photo of Bear Love
Bear Love
by Sara Hubert
chamomile, berry blues, raspberry patch
photo of Hygge _and_ Howls
Hygge _and_ Howls
by Sara Hubert
butterscotch, chestnut
photo of Bat Blend
Bat Blend
by Sara Hubert
irish breakfast, pu-erh spice, pumpkin spice
photo of Hopes _and_ Howls
Hopes _and_ Howls
by Sara Hubert
earl grey bravo, black cherry, orange