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photo of chamomile
score: 96
14¢ / cup
photo of elderberry wine
elderberry wine
score: 92
15¢ / cup
photo of matcha bowl sage
matcha bowl sage
score: 96
only $24

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photo of Coyote Blend
Coyote Blend
Score: 99
by Sara Hubert
earl grey lavender, forest berries
photo of Coyotes Kindness
Coyotes Kindness
by Sara Hubert
chamomile, pina colada
photo of Hearts
by Sara Hubert
earl grey moonlight, strawberry, vanilla


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Latest Reviews

Jun 10th '19
I love the taste of this matcha with its subtle hint of red raspberry in the aftertaste. To me, this tastes like a perfect summer drink!
May 15th '19
Really enjoyed this. The blueberry flavor is subtle, mainly rounding out the sip, but it marries perfectly with the matcha. Highly recommended!
May 9th '19
If you had to translate the concept of 'Love' into a tea, I believe this would be it. The jasmine tastes beautiful and the green tea seemed to be a perfect counterpoint. I immediately shared some of this with my mother so she could enjoy this beautiful tea!
May 9th '19
I let this steep slightly longer and it seemed to bring out fuller tangerine and white tea notes. All in all, I found this to be a very delightful tea with none of the strange aftertaste that some others have noted. Definitely highly recommended!
Apr 24th '19
Like drinking the soul of the jasmine flower. Such a beautiful taste!
Apr 24th '19
Something about the combination of bergamot and lavender and the creamy notes makes this such an enjoyable tea. The taste is gentle and soothing, almost a perfect faery tea!