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ali shan special

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June 2020 harvest
June 2020 harvest
ali shan special
Our Ali Shan Special is buttery and amazingly rich. It brews a very complex, silky cup that speaks of its high altitude origin and beautiful tender leaves. A truly satisfying cup for anyone partial to oolongs.

It is typical for tea farmers in Taiwan to harvest their crops five times a year. However, Ali Shan and other high mountain teas are only harvested twice a year. This is usually done in October and June. The picking standard consists of 2 to 4 young, hand-plucked leaves. They are then withered, reducing the moisture content and then oxidized using bamboo trays.

The leaves are then processed in cloth bags, which are rolled, removing any residual moisture and stopping oxidation. A classic Ali Shan is usually oxidized to around 30 or 40 percent, yielding a light-medium oolong.

Oolong Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 180° for 2-3 minutes.
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Located in central Taiwan, Ali Shan is a high mountain region known for its beautiful scenery and is frequently covered in dense fog. Ali Shan is considered to be one of Taiwan's best tea producing regions and notable for its Gao Shan Cha or "High Mountain Tea". These high elevations combined with the cooler climates create ideal conditions for the tea leaves to grow more slowly, allowing for the development of concentrated flavor.
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