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yunnan & famous sampler

Based on 78 reviews
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Discover the sublime aroma and superior taste of our Masters Collection teas with a combination of samples that are priced 25% less than the cost of these teas purchased separately. Enjoy the finest in tea with substantial savings and free shipping. This set includes (though subject to infrequent change):

anhui keemun - Incredible depth of flavor: dates and brown sugar sweetness, hints of cocoa powder, bright black pepper, and toasty biscuit finish.
yunnan golden curls - Deeply layered cocoa and spice aromas. The creamy and savory flavor of warm toffee and sweet potatoes with a velvety finish.
yunnan pu erh white - Delicate cup with notes of wildflower honey and classic Yunnan pepper.
darjeeling spring tip - It offers the essence of nature awakening. Crisp, floral and complex.
zhejiang lung ching - Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish.
fujian ti kuan yin - This lightly oxidized tea yields a pale golden cup with a soft, buttery texture and orchid and honeydew melon notes.

Customer Reviews (78)

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September 25, 2020
Excellent, tasty just delicious
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