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flavor trilogy: earl grey

Based on 112 reviews
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flavor trilogy: earl grey
3 loose leaf tins
earl grey moonlight
4oz tin
earl grey lavender
4oz tin
earl grey bravo
4oz tin
Love Earl Grey? Explore this delicious flavor across a spectrum of our teas. Included are the original Earl Grey Bravo, along with a vanilla-tinged Earl Grey Moonlight, and floral Earl Grey Lavender. An abundance of flavor awaiting your discovery. 12oz.

Customer Reviews (112)

Raw Honey for Black Teas

tea honey
Layered character of this raw honey is an ideal sweetener for black teas, adding notes of spice and fruit.
honey for black tea

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Sooo... why is buying the three together more expensive than buying three individual tins?
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Asked by jjl2357
on March 4th, 2017

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