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care and comfort

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care and comfort
3 loose leaf tins
We all need care and comfort, especially new mothers. With them in mind, we've created unique caffeine-free teas to ease pregnancy, assist lactation and lessen the discomfort of monthly visitors.

Enjoy three exclusive blends formulated for the special women in our lives, and the people who love them.

Customer Reviews (140)

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red tent

red tent

Like wrapping yourself in a heated blanket! Our Red Tent tea blend will help relax your mind, calm your cramps, and soothe your discomfort. Featuring all-natural anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients like raspberry leaves and lemon balm, this lightly-caffeinated brew offers you easy re-leaf.
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great expectations

great expectations

Mommy-to-be's new best friend! This blend will help ease some of the less-glamorous effects of pregnancy. This caffeine-free herbal blend of spearmint, fennel, and other relaxing herbs promises to soothe digestive discomfort.
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mamma mia

mamma mia

For new moms currently or planning on breastfeeding, our herbal Mamma Mia tisane contains ingredients that may help with both physical discomfort and milk production for lactating mommies.
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How many ounces each are the tins in the Care and Comfort set?
Asked by Kayla Zeal
on February 9th, 2019

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