5 Perfect Teas For Movie Night

May 11, 2021

by Kimberley K

Throughout the last year, while we have all been in lockdown and everything has been closed, we have all missed visiting our local movie theater. There is no doubt about the fact that we also miss the great snacks! I know we’re all really looking forward to visiting the movie theater again and enjoying all of the films that should have been released last year. But, until then, why not create the same experience in your home and have a movie night? Plan a movie marathon and add some delicious teas and tisanes into the mix to replicate the classic snacks and drink flavors you would usually expect at the movies!

Genmai Cha

AKA Popcorn Tea! How could we not include this tea on this list? Genmai Cha is a classic Japanese tea originally created to stretch supplies. It blends sencha and toasted rice and gets the name popcorn tea from a lot of tea lovers because sometimes the toasted brown rice will sometimes pop and you will often find what looks like popcorn in the loose-leaf. It creates a cup that is warm and nutty with a lovely savory quality to it. It’s more substantial than you would expect it to be but it has much less astringency to it than heavier/stronger teas. It pairs brilliantly with food as well, especially sushi should you want a treat during your movie night.

Decaf Chai

For an extra added layer of coziness without the caffeine should you have a sensitivity to it and want to be able to have an undisturbed sleep after your movie night. You can have this blend on its own but we do recommend having this as a latte with some of our rock sugar and some hot-frothed milk. Sipping this at night, under a cozy blanket while watching your favorite movie could you imagine how cozy that would be? That’s an experience even the movie theater can’t provide you with.

Rooibos Pecan Turtle

Who doesn’t love a classic chocolate caramel combo that is also caffeine-free and does a great job of replicating a sweet treat you would normally have at the movie theater? Like its namesake, it combines the sweet rich flavors everyone knows and loves. The sweetness of the caramel and the chocolate are rounded off nicely by the nuttiness of the pecan and the rooibos base. This is definitely a blend for those of you out there that have a sweet tooth, and it’s the perfect substitute for a late-night sweet treat.


If you’re planning on a movie marathon and want to make sure you’ll make it through all of your films, Matcha is the way to go. It’ll give you a nice caffeine boost which will no doubt keep you wide awake through all the movies you plan to watch. We suggest either Raspberry or Chocolate Matchas (you could even mix them together) as an iced latte! This is a great way to stay awake, and also the perfect way to replicate icy drinks we all love to partake in when we visit the movie theater.

Kona Pineapple

Last but by no means least a caffeine-free fruity blend that is honestly sunshine in a cup! It’s perfect iced or you could probably even make this into a slushy. Pineapple is the king of this blend so if you love tropical flavors this is the one for you. While there is a whole host of ingredients to this blend that make it as fantastic as it is, the zesty pineapple and the sweet citrus hit from the lemongrass are definitely the standouts and a cup of this over ice. This cuppa will have you ready for summer from the moment you take a sip. This is a touch more refreshing than the other blends which you can sip throughout all of your movies and every member of the family can partake in this, so why not make a big pitcher so you don’t have to disturb your film getting up to make drinks?

No matter what movies you are choosing to watch Adagio has the perfect teas for you! While there are five blends on this list we have a whole host of options that you can choose from to match any theme, movie choice, or even your favorite character, the choices are endless. Share with us over social media your movie night tea choices we would love to know what you would pick to pair with your favorite movies. Remember to tag us and use #AdagioTeas to make sure we can see your posts.