Jim's Corner - CommuniTEA Review: Pu Erh Tahiti

February 16, 2021

by Jim R.

If you are a part of the communiTEA then you know looking to Jim's daily reviews are a joy! The time and consideration he puts into each one in order to bring out the best flavor of Adagio's teas are something we all look forward to!

If you have not yet been introduced to the communiTEA - you're in for a treat!

The communiTEA is a unique place where Adagio patrons from all around the world can sit down together over the same cup of tea on the same day. These teas cover all varieties and contain teas from our normal catalog and customer-created Signature Blends!

Open the package on the date indicated on each portion, then head over to the communiTEA page to weigh in on the day's tea, upload a pic to potentially win the photo contest, and join the Live Chat.

We were lucky enough to have Jim write up his thoughts on his favorite tea from the January box, so without further ado- we give you Jim's Corner:

Pu Erh Tahiti

I’m a big lover of Pu-Erh teas! Tropical fruits and coconut, what could be mo’ betta than these ingredients?

Pu-Erh Tea, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Coconut, Papaya Flavor, Rose Petals, Raspberries, Mango Pieces & Natural Coconut Flavor

So I couldn’t wait to try Pu-erh Tahiti. I was stoked when my package arrived! My taste buds were jumping!

In the past I have found that fermented dark teas like Pu-Erh tend to be a little bitter when steeped in boiling water. I decided to use a lower temperature of 200°F. I did, however, stay with the recommended five-minute steep time recommendation.

When hot, mild coconut, fruit, and rose aromas were noted. One ginormous coconut slice looked restless and was rockin’ back and forth. It was ready for action!

I performed a Pu-Erh rinse check for any odd flavors:

Rinsing Pu-erh teas: Pu-erh teas MAY need rinsing to get rid of any strange odors and tastes before steeping. Examples of these may be fishy, low-tide and/or wet barn hay to name a few. I just put these teas in the steeper and cover it with hot steep temperature water for 15 seconds.

Drain a bit of the rinse water. If you don’t like the way it tastes or smells, toss the water and replace it with fresh hot steep water and continue your steep. Otherwise, top off the rinse water with fresh hot steep water and continue your steep.

IMPORTANT: If you failed to rinse, please try a second steep without rinsing ... the tea will have already been rinsed with the first steep. It should end up being a pleasant drink without any offensive odors or tastes!

No strange flavors were noted. I topped off the steeper, and on we went.

When hot, wonderfully mild fruit, coconut and Pu-Erh hay and earthy flavors were noted. A wee bit, 1/8 teaspoon, of sugar was added to help stave off some rose hip tartness and add a little sweetness to deal.

When warm, moderate individual fruity apple, papaya, and raspberry flavors were noted. Coconut flavors were moderate. Mild rose petal floral aromas and flavors moved to the background. The Pu-Erh flavors remained mild throughout, and thus provided a great earthy base for all the other flavors to sprout and shine. A very nice smooth and nutty mouthfeel was provided by the coconut. A second steep was just as flavorful, but milder in tastes.

A pleasantly mild amount of astringency lingered at finish. This was a superior multi-layered drink worthy of sipping on a tropical beach at sunrise.

Kudos to the Adagio Blendmeister!