Adventure Through the Zodiac: Aquarius Tea

January 18, 2023

by Jessica Foley

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, and Adagio Teas has crafted a unique blend for each one, representing the character and energy of the western astrology sun signs.

Using the classic Gregorian calendar – how North Americans usually mark the days and weeks -- Aquarius is the second zodiac sign in the new year, but the 11th of the 12 sun signs. Those born between Jan 20 and Feb 18 are said to be Aquarians and are represented by the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer is a figure emptying a jug of water, and sometimes Aquarius is simply illustrated by three wavy lines. Despite the imagery, Aquarius is an air sign, and those born under this sign are said to be quirky, creative and forward-thinking.

Adagio took all the characteristics of this air sign and crafted an aromatic blend to satisfy Aquarius’ thirst for the unusual. Aquarians love to exchange ideas, and this black tea infused with hazelnut and vanilla flavors will fuel Aquarius’ inventive thinking and lively conversations. Cacao nibs and blue cornflowers round out the offbeat combination of flavors and beauty sure to satisfy any Aquarian.

Traits that are often seen in Aquarians include self-reliance and independence, as well as cleverness, and a forward-looking attitude. Those born under this air sign can also be stubborn and assertive, with unique and eccentric ideas. They are often considered the most easy-going sun sign of them all.
Famous Aquarians who would enjoy sipping on this blend include Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Charles Darwin, Ashton Kutcher, and Virginia Woolf.

Meet the Ingredients

This flavored blend works well as a morning or evening cup and delights Aquarians who often thirst for the unusual. As they sip through this tea, they will be surprised as each element reveals itself to their palate.

The blend of four different teas, Ceylon, Assam, Oolong, and Black, gives a caffeine boost, and the hazelnut, cocoa, cornflower and vanilla flavors stimulate the senses and satisfy Aquarius’ curious and quirky personality.

Adagio’s carefully chosen ingredients also offer some surprising health benefits.

Black Tea

Black tea is reportedly one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Enjoyed hot or cold, black tea is said to have many beneficial properties, from improving gut and heart health to lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Studies suggest that the polyphenols found in black tea may help maintain a healthy gut by promoting the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. Black tea may also contain antimicrobial properties that kill off harmful substances and improve gut bacteria and immunity by helping repair the lining of the digestive tract.

Cacao Nibs

Like many of Adagio’s ingredients, cacao nibs (which provide the smooth cocoa flavor) can boost antioxidant levels in the drinker. Antioxidants are beneficial for fighting free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage other molecules in the body. By keeping cell damage from free radicals in check, antioxidants can help prevent many types of chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.


The aroma of vanilla is said to have many benefits. Smelling vanilla can have calming effects on both children and adults. It can reduce startle reflexes and also provide some relief from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

Other traditional practices around the world may use vanilla as an aphrodisiac and to aid with gas relief. With such a pleasant smell, it’s no wonder vanilla is often used in aromatherapy and for scenting household items like candles.

How to Enjoy

This blend steeps well in any bag or infuser. We recommend three to five minutes at 212°F or 100°C. Available in a 4 oz tin, 3 oz or 16 oz bag, or in our pyramid tea bags, this blend makes a perfect gift for the Aquarians in your life

With a hazelnut-forward taste and aroma, the Aquarius blend finishes with the delightful taste of vanilla. The hint of blue color and peppery flavor from the cornflowers evoke the imagery of the Water Bearer and the high caffeine content allows Aquarians to keep the conversation going for hours.

Visit Adagio’s Zodiac page for all the sun sign blends. And for the Aquarians in your life, consider gifting them this delicious blend in a collectible tin while it lasts as the tins have been discontinued!