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Enjoy more tea on the go with our new 17oz travel infuser. Its double-walled stainless steel construction will keep your tea quite hot (or cool, if you prefer) for hours. Spring-loaded lid opens easily with just one hand, allowing drivers to keep the other safely on the steering wheel. Sliding easy-click lid-lock prevents accidental openings. Fits most car cup holders. To use: fill three-quarters of the way with water (water line below the removable stainless steel infuser) and place leaves inside the infuser basket. Flip the unit upside-down for a thorough, flavorful infusion. Once infused, flip right-side up to separate spent leaves from water and prevent your tea from turning bitter. Travel far and wide with quality freshly-brewed tea! Please note: This tumbler is exceptionally well-insulated, with a vacuum-tight seal. It will keep your tea very hot, sometimes for several hours. Please sip carefully to avoid burning your mouth! In addition, be sure to open the cap away from your face when tea has been steeping, to avoid any escaping pressurized steam.

Customer Reviews (268)

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Questions and Answers

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Is there a separation between the tea leaves and where you are drinking or do you have to remove the infuser basket prior to drinking
Asked by Heather Zogas
on Aug 10th '16

Does the flip top get in the way of drinking the tea? I.E. will I have the lid pressed up against my face each time I sip?
Asked by Tiffany Wood
on Aug 12th '16

Is the infuser included?
Asked by Jewell Sherbourne
on Aug 16th '16

Is this dishwasher safe?
Asked by Judy Lundquist
on Oct 18th '16

Can anyone describe the lemongrass color? It sounds like it should have a greenish hue but online it just looks gold. Maybe it's a greenish gold color? Thank you in advance.
Asked by Jimmy Ferrero
on Dec 8th '16

Is it BPA free?
Asked by Cheryl Nichols
on Sep 15th '16

Since you apparently fill this 3/4 the way with water so that when upright the tea leaves are out of the water, is the 17oz capacity the amount of water you actually put in the tumbler or the total capacity if filled to the fullest?
Asked by Karl Sumwalt
on Aug 3rd '17

Probably a dumb question but, can it hold coffee too? :)
Asked by Alonna Williams
on Sep 24th '17

What is the diameter of the tumbler? My cup holders are a bit smaller than most.
Asked by Thomas Carlton
on Jun 2nd '17

Can milk and sweetener be added easily?
Asked by Liz Andrews
on May 15th '18

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