glass jar 12oz

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UV protected
Why keep your tea hidden away? The visual appeal of tea is made more apparent when you can view the beautiful and unique appearances of the leaves. Show off your Adagio Teas bulk tea assortment with these brilliantly designed glass jars. Borosilicate glass will block UV rays from harming your tea. An airtight stainless steel lid will keep tea fresh.
Diameter is 3.75" and height 3" | Our apology for a typo on the packaging box which says it is 8oz. It is indeed 12oz.

Please note that this jar has a volume of 12oz, but holds approx 4 oz of tea.

Customer Reviews (321)

Questions and Answers

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Are these stackable?
Asked by Paul Gordon
on Jan 4th '17

Can someone provide measurements please?
Asked by Elizabeth Burr
on Sep 28th '16

Approximately how many adagio tea bags will fit in the 12 oz jar?
Asked by Karen Mango
on Aug 25th '17

Is this for only 1 jar?
Asked by Laura Burk
on Mar 19th '18

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