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created by Ali Mosley
sample tin
available late July
3oz pouch
32¢ per cup
5oz tin
38¢ per cup
Sleek and dark like an eight-legged war horse, this blend can have a fair bit of kick. Orange black tea lends a slight sweetness to the otherwise bitter blend, and cream Ceylon gives it a rich, elegant finish. Almond rooibos lends an earthy, spiced edge to this powerful, fearless tea. Like spirit in a mount, just a small amount of these leaves will do to brew a heady and dark cup. Any more could risk becoming rogue and uncontrollable. (See "Ingredients and Lore" for the story behind the tea.)

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

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ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, rooibos tea, orange peels, natural orange flavor, natural creme flavor & natural almond flavor

teas: orange, cream, rooibos almond

accented with cinnamon

According to Norse mythology, there was once a time when the wall around Asgard had fallen, and they needed to repair it. A giant comes and offers to do it, for the price of the goddess Freyja. Unwilling to give Freyja up, but still in need of a wall, Odin agrees and gives him an impossibly short deadline. As that deadline draws nearer, it looks as though the giant and his black stallion are going to meet it after all. So, in an effort to slow them down, Loki takes on the form of a beautiful mare, distracting the stallion effectively. After that, he disappears for ten months. When he comes back, he has with him a foal -- black and strong, with eight glossy legs. This foal is Sleipnir: Odin's fierce war mount and, technically speaking, Loki's child. Sleipnir derives a great deal of his power and spirit from Loki, making him an ideal horse to have on the battlefield.

this tea is part of the Glorious Purpose fandom

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