Black Furies

created by George Farmer
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available in June
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Black Furies
by George Farmer
Black Furies
by George Farmer
Rich sharp black tea with a robust orange flavor and a sharp honey taste. You will like it and be unapologetic for it.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 4 minutes.

ingredients & lore

blended with honeybush tea, ceylon sonata, black tea, orange peels, natural orange flavor, natural bergamot flavor & blue cornflowers

teas: ceylon sonata, earl grey bravo, honeybush orange

accented with aniseed

The Black Furies represent the game's version of an amazon-like society as they are a tribe of avenging and warrior-like (usually) female werewolves. In modern days Furies appear all over the world. Their tribal totem is Pegasus. While childbirth is considered a sacred act among the tribe, only females and male Metis descendants of Furies are accepted. Fertile sons and most Metis are sent off to be adopted by other tribes (usually the Children of Gaia). Furies are strongly connected to the Wyld and shun the Wyrm and the Weaver's work, including pharmaceutical care and test-tube babies, or, in other words, creations of Man that mess with Mother Nature. In their defense of Gaia, most Furies seek out violators of the land and females, in general. Contrary to stereotypes, very few Furies are adamant man-haters. The tribe is a fierce rival of the Get of Fenris, whom they view as nothing but a bunch of male chauvinists. The older 1st Edition tribe book stated that the Furies originally held much power among early matriarchal human societies. When patriarchal societies emerged in the middle eastern region, their influence was reduced and they were driven back to Greece, what today is considered their land of origin. Furies regard patriarchal societies as being influenced by the Wyrm or Weaver to strip human leadership from female intuition.

this tea is part of the Werewolf the Apocalypse fandom

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