Hyper Rogue's tea

created by Grace Stewart
sample tin
available late July
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Hyper Rogue's tea
by Grace Stewart
Hyper Rogue's tea
by Grace Stewart
Pargidi, the gnome rogue that inspired this blend, is very proud of where she came from. Hailing originally from Gnomeregan, Irish Breakfast is added to the blend to remind her of the early days of Ironforge and Dun Murogh. Then we have snowbud, a way to calm her after a long day of stealthing and defeating the pesky Horde to remind her of the calm winter's around Ironforge. And then, the main component is caramel. She may be deadly but she is also very sweet. She loves caramel the most out of any candy in the world.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 200° for 3 minutes.

ingredients & lore

blended with snowbud, black tea, assam melody tea, ceylon sonata tea & natural caramel flavor

teas: caramel, snowbud, irish breakfast

Pargidi is the gnome rogue that I play in World of Warcraft. As I have leveled with her, (Right now we are level 40!) I have learned to develop a personality with her. She is very sweet and kind but don't let that fool you. When need be, she can be as ruthless as any, relying on her poisons and stealth to take down the enemy. For the Alliance!
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this blend is in a 'ship

Hyper Rogue's tea has hooked up with Julinette's Blend.
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Julinette's Blend
3oz pouch

this tea is part of the Nick's Blends fandom

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