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the root chakra muladhara

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created by: Cyndy
Muladhara is a grounded, sensual blend containing assam medley, sweet potato, spiced apple chai, and chocolate nib accents. Inspired by its red base chakra namesake, the ingredients seek to promote Muladhara chakra healing as well as provide a rich and complex experience!

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ingredients & lore

blended with assam melody, black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, natural sweet potato flavor, cardamom, cloves, orange peels, marigold flowers, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, natural cinnamon flavor

teas: assam melody, sweet potato, spiced apple chai

accented with cocoa nibs

The seven chakras ascend the spine, often associated with the seven colors of the rainbow, and each with their own effects and influences. Starting at the base of the spine, Muladhara is associated physically with sexuality, mentally with instincts like stability and security, and the color red. If your root chakra is closed, you will feel nervous and unwelcome in your surroundings and your own body. When it is open, you feel stable secure, and connected to your body. If it is over-active, you will be materialistic and resistant to change. Muladhara tea aims to calm the root using ingredients to help facilitate balance. Full of warmth and comfort, brew a cup when you need some security in your day! I do not claim Root Chakra tea to be medicinal. I am not a trained practitioner of eastern medicine, just an active novice with a love of spirituality and alternative health. Please let me know what you think of the blend, or if you have any questions regarding chakras and my sources!
steep at 212° for 3 mins

This tea contains a high level of caffeine

this blend is in a 'ship

the root chakra muladhara has hooked up with the sacral chakra swadhisthana.
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the sacral chakra swadhisthana
3oz pouch

this tea is part of the Chakras fandom

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