Antioxidant Explosion Decaf

created by Lance Gordon
sample tin
available in June
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Enjoy this amazing green tea that is loaded with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins without all of the caffeine. This tea is a mix of Decaf Citron Green Tea that is flavored with zesty lemon and lime, Decaf Mandarin Green Tea that is flavored with mandarin oranges, and finally Decaf Apricot Green Tea that is flavored with tasty apricots. Health Benefits Of Apricots: Nutrients in apricots can help protect the heart and eyes, as well as provide the disease-fighting effects of fiber. The high beta-carotene content of apricots makes them important heart health foods. Beta-carotene helps protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation, which may help prevent heart disease. Apricots contain nutrients such as vitamin A that promote good vision. Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, quenches free radical damage to cells and tissues. Free radical damage can injure the eyes' lenses. Health Benefits Of Lemons and Limes: Lemons and limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Of special interest in limes have been flavonoids called flavonol glycosides, including many kaempferol-related molecules. While these flavonoids have been shown to stop cell division in many cancer cell lines, they are perhaps most interesting for their antibiotic effects. Health Benefits Of Mandarin Oranges: While most people know that oranges are full of vitamin C, they may not be aware that just one orange supplies 116.2% of the daily value of vitamin C. A water-soluble antioxidant, vitamin C disarms free radicals to prevent cellular damage. Cancer is a potential result of free radical damage, particularly in areas of the body where cellular turnover is rapid, such as the digestive system. This is why the intake of vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer, in particular.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 150° for 3 minutes.


blended with decaf green tea, orange peels, marigold flowers, apple pieces, natural apricot flavor, natural mandarin flavor, natural orange flavor, natural lemon flavor & apricots

teas: decaf citron green, decaf mandarin green, decaf apricot green

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