We have many different ways to enjoy our fresh, artisan teas!

Our loose teas typically come in three sizes: sample, 3 oz, and 16 oz being the most common.


Most sample sizes contain 0.8 ounces of loose tea, enough for about ten cups, and comes in our resealable, airtight pouch. They make trying new teas easy.

Some flufflier varieties of tea, such as our White Teas assortment, contain 0.4 ounces per sample. These provide about five cups of tea and give you ample opportunity to see if you may like the tea before committing to larger quantities.


As for our teabags, these come in two forms. We have singles wrapped in individual envelopes that come in packaged boxes, and bulk packaged teabags in our resealable ziplock pouches. Both versions come with 15 teabags, and most of our teabags contain 2.5 grams of leaves. Flufflier teas contain 1.5 grams of leaves per bag. We hope you enjoy all!