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Green tea lovers no longer have to struggle to achieve the optimal steeping temperature, while darker tea drinkers can still expect impeccably boiling water. With an innovative temperature control system, this versatile device can heat to your preference-180 for green, white, light colored oolong teas, or boiling for black, dark oolong, and herbal teas. At last, an all-inclusive kettle for heating water for the perfect pot of tea. This durable stainless steel kettle is a must-have for green tea lovers. Made in China. 30 oz (1L). 1500 watts - only works with 110V/60 Hz electricity (North America). 5.5" Diameter. 90 day warranty.

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Press "lid open" button and fill kettle with water. Be careful to not exceed the "max" marker. Set kettle on base, plug into outlet, and turn the switch on. It will illuminate indicating activity. Set the temperature dial to maximum position to produce boiling water for black tea. To make green tea, set the dial within the green range of color. Place at the beginning of the green range for the delicate Japanese teas and further along the range for the heartier Chinese teas. Ideal water temperature being subjective, let your taste buds guide you in selecting an optimal setting.

Unplug the power cord and permit kettle to cool before cleaning it. Wipe outside with a soft damp cloth. Rinse inside with clean water. After extensive use, scale may build up inside. To remove, fill the kettle with vinegar and let soak overnight. Dispose of vinegar in the morning, fill with water and bring to boil. Pour water out and rinse thoroughly

Children are often unaware of the danger posed by electrical appliances. To protect children, please keep this kettle and other appliances out of their reach. For indoor use only. To prevent fire, electrical shock or personal injury, please observe these precautions:
  • Do not heat any liquid other than water
  • Do not immerse power cord, plug or base unit in water
  • Do not operate if electrical components are wet
  • Do not operate with damaged power cord or plug
  • Do not disassemble the kettle or base unit

Questions and Answers

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does kettle maintain temperature for extended periods of time
Asked by Robert Scott
on Dec 13th '16

What temperature should you set it on for custom blends that contain multiple types of tea that require different temperatures?
Asked by Reagan Phillips
on Jun 11th '16

how many cups does it hold
Asked by Michael Keenehan
on Jan 16th '17

Hello! Is this aluminum or stainless steel? Thank you!
Asked by C S
on Jun 8th '17

Does the filter at the spout come out for easier descaling of the filter? Or will I need to just fill the vinegar up to the top of this screen.
Asked by Sarah Williams
on Apr 14th '17

Is this entirely stainless steel on the inside?
Asked by Lacey Lyon
on Nov 4th '17

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