K C Blends

photo of A Sweet Dream
A Sweet Dream
by K C
assam melody, hazelnut, butterscotch
photo of A Happy Memory
A Happy Memory
by K C
almond, caramel, blueberry
photo of Cookies
by K C
chocolate chip, tiger eye, vanilla oolong
photo of Shikis Carrot Cake
Shikis Carrot Cake
by K C
vanilla oolong, spiced apple chai, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Floursack
by K C
white pear, white monkey, sour apple
photo of Morning Kickstart
Morning Kickstart
by K C
almond, vanilla, masala chai
photo of Little Footsteps
Little Footsteps
by K C
vanilla, calypso green, pina colada
photo of Shiki Ice Cream Ball
Shiki Ice Cream Ball
by K C
cream, coconut grove pouchong, vanilla green
photo of Waking Hour
Waking Hour
by K C
almond, white peach, vanilla green
photo of Chocolate Gummy Snake
Chocolate Gummy Snake
by K C
valentines, white blueberry, dewy cherry
photo of Dessert Hour
Dessert Hour
by K C
chocolate chai, masala chai, dewy cherry
photo of Like the Clouds
Like the Clouds
by K C
vanilla, raspberry patch, honeybush vanilla
photo of Special Dr Phil Pancakes
Special Dr Phil Pancakes
by K C
butterscotch, maple creme oolong, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Award Nguyen-ing flavor
Award Nguyen-ing flavor
by K C
maple creme oolong, chocolate chai, chestnut
photo of Fruit Bite
Fruit Bite
by K C
white monkey, lychee rose green, raspberry patch
photo of Moxie Popsie Rocksies
Moxie Popsie Rocksies
by K C
cinnamon, cream, hojicha
photo of Ms Dream uwu
Ms Dream uwu
by K C
orange, lemon soleil, ginseng green
photo of Neapolitan Moon Bunny
Neapolitan Moon Bunny
by K C
valentines, hazelnut, rooibos vanilla
photo of Pucker Up
Pucker Up
by K C
orange, lemon soleil, white pear
photo of Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head
by K C
cream, chocolate chai, pumpkin spice
photo of Rez Spice Blend
Rez Spice Blend
by K C
mambo, honeybush pumpkin chai, mocha nut mate