Sheepy Blends

photo of Child of the Fall
Child of the Fall
by Sheepy
candy apple, pumpkin spice, chestnut
photo of Modern Formal In Black
Modern Formal In Black
by Sheepy
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, pomegranate
photo of Pirate In Gold
Pirate In Gold
by Sheepy
gunpowder, toasted mate, dragon fruit dream
photo of Pirate In Purple
Pirate In Purple
by Sheepy
pina colada, toasted mate, green rooibos blueberry
photo of Shy Librarian In Black
Shy Librarian In Black
by Sheepy
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, chocolate chai
photo of The Librarian
The Librarian
by Sheepy
assam melody, butterscotch, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of The Cook
The Cook
by Sheepy
currant, blackberry, honeybush banana nut
photo of Daddy Debasement
Daddy Debasement
by Sheepy
tiger eye, maple creme oolong, ginseng green
photo of Sinful Mommy
Sinful Mommy
Score: 99
by Sheepy
white eternal spring, lychee rose green, honeybush mango
photo of The Deity
The Deity
by Sheepy
white strawberry, white eternal spring, foxtrot
photo of The Gunslinger, Scarpetta
The Gunslinger, Scarpetta
by Sheepy
cinnamon, yerba mate, mocha nut mate
photo of The Tea Maker
The Tea Maker
by Sheepy
ceylon sonata, blood orange, turmeric bliss
photo of Lonewolf042
by Sheepy
pu-erh hazelberry, thai chai, candy cane
photo of ChelseyxLynn
by Sheepy
peach, wild strawberry, peach bellini
photo of EarthboundIan99
by Sheepy
earl grey lavender, lemon soleil, lemongrass
photo of WoodenBarrel
by Sheepy
caramel, fiery cinnamon spice, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Nukkular_Reaction
by Sheepy
blueberry, pomegranate green, pumpkin spice