Dee T. Blends

photo of Unus Annus
Unus Annus
by Dee T.
assam melody, pomegranate, white eternal spring
photo of Yancy
by Dee T.
irish breakfast, cream, spiced green
photo of Actor Mark
Actor Mark
by Dee T.
valentines, vanilla, hibiscus
photo of Captain Magnum
Captain Magnum
by Dee T.
pu-erh tahiti, coconut, passionfruit
photo of Darkiplier
by Dee T.
earl grey moonlight, chocolate, cranberry
photo of Dea, The Soff
Dea, The Soff
Score: 99
by Dee T.
ginger, mango, orange
photo of Astraeus, The Yearning
Astraeus, The Yearning
by Dee T.
earl grey lavender, white peach, peppermint
photo of Dee, The Tired God
Dee, The Tired God
by Dee T.
raspberry, chamomile, peppermint
photo of Denise, The Raged
Denise, The Raged
by Dee T.
lapsang souchong, pu-erh spice, cinnamon
photo of Eliza, The Lindwyrm
Eliza, The Lindwyrm
by Dee T.
lapsang souchong, mambo, tiger eye
photo of Antisepticeye
by Dee T.
fiery cinnamon spice, gunpowder, hojicha
photo of Chase Brody: Sad Dad
Chase Brody: Sad Dad
by Dee T.
vanilla, gunpowder, earl grey green
photo of Jackieboyman
by Dee T.
irish breakfast, pomegranate, lemon soleil
photo of Jameson
by Dee T.
earl grey bravo, foxtrot, pumpkin spice
photo of Marvin the Magician
Marvin the Magician
by Dee T.
earl grey moonlight, cream, currant
photo of Bumble-Lee
by Dee T.
pu-erh spice, oriental spice, blood orange
photo of Nap Knight
Nap Knight
by Dee T.
chocolate chip, chocolate chai, chamomile
photo of Sunshine
by Dee T.
fruit medley, wild strawberry, candy apple
photo of Emily
by Dee T.
pomegranate, summer rose, spearmint
photo of Pinecone Galaxy
Pinecone Galaxy
by Dee T.
orange, grapefruit, wild strawberry
photo of Euryphaessa
Score: 90
by Dee T.
cream, peach, vanilla
photo of Neptune
by Dee T.
cream, blackberry, maple creme oolong
photo of Tenebris
by Dee T.
orange, blackberry, pomegranate green
photo of Yvaine
by Dee T.
passionfruit, blood orange, berry blues