Foxy Tokes Blends

photo of A Whole Bushel of Apples
A Whole Bushel of Apples
by Foxy Tokes
spiced apple chai, rooibos caramel, candy apple
photo of Bears Berries
Bears Berries
by Foxy Tokes
berry blast, berry blues, raspberry patch
photo of My Cherry Pie
My Cherry Pie
by Foxy Tokes
chocolate chai, dewy cherry
photo of Peachy Keen
Peachy Keen
by Foxy Tokes
blood orange, rooibos peach
photo of Raspberry Vanilla
Raspberry Vanilla
by Foxy Tokes
raspberry, vanilla
photo of Mango Cherry
Mango Cherry
by Foxy Tokes
dewy cherry, mango melange
photo of Cramps Begone!
Cramps Begone!
by Foxy Tokes
citron green, ginseng green, citrus mint green
photo of Blood Red Berries
Blood Red Berries
by Foxy Tokes
white tangerine, berry blast, blood orange
photo of Forest Fox
Forest Fox
by Foxy Tokes
citrus mint green, foxtrot, lemongrass
photo of Raspberry Donut
Raspberry Donut
by Foxy Tokes
vanilla, raspberry patch, honeybush vanilla