A L Blends

photo of sugawara koushi
sugawara koushi
Score: 99
by A L
white eternal spring, summer rose, honeybush apricot
photo of nishinoya yuu
nishinoya yuu
Score: 93
by A L
cherry green, dewy cherry, wild strawberry
photo of tsukishima kei
tsukishima kei
by A L
white blueberry, white pear
photo of asahi azumane
asahi azumane
Score: 90
by A L
candy apple, caramel, cream
photo of kageyama tobio
kageyama tobio
Score: 99
by A L
cream, irish breakfast, maple creme oolong
photo of Oikawa Toru
Oikawa Toru
by A L
chocolate, cream, peppermint
photo of iwaizumi hajime
iwaizumi hajime
by A L
honeybush hazelnut, tiger eye, hazelnut
photo of SA-TO-RI Tendou
SA-TO-RI Tendou
by A L
chocolate, chocolate chip, raspberry
photo of ushijima wakatoshi
ushijima wakatoshi
by A L
gunpowder, citrus mate, citron green