Anni Icarus Blends

photo of Captain Rex
Captain Rex
Score: 99
by Anni Icarus
white blueberry, white peach, lychee rose green
photo of Snips
Score: 99
by Anni Icarus
raspberry, tiger eye, cranberry
photo of Skyguy
by Anni Icarus
cinnamon, vanilla, blood orange
photo of Weiss Schnee
Weiss Schnee
by Anni Icarus
almond, peppermint, sour apple
photo of Adora Queen of Lesbians
Adora Queen of Lesbians
by Anni Icarus
butterscotch, white eternal spring, vanilla green
photo of Catra
by Anni Icarus
assam melody, almond, chocolate chip
photo of Catradora
Score: 90
by Anni Icarus
chocolate chai, white peony, lychee rose green
photo of Darth Revan
Darth Revan
by Anni Icarus
mambo, summer rose
photo of Live Long and ProsperiTea
Live Long and ProsperiTea
by Anni Icarus
vanilla oolong, white pear
photo of Ninja Cat Nap
Ninja Cat Nap
by Anni Icarus
caramel, spearmint, honeybush chocolate
photo of Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose
by Anni Icarus
summer rose, chocolate chai
photo of Team Otter
Team Otter
by Anni Icarus
summer rose, honeybush pumpkin chai, rooibos cinnamon apple