Kat Quinn Blends

photo of Lin Future Brew
Lin Future Brew
Score: 91
by Kat Quinn
earl grey moonlight, almond, summer rose
photo of Dizzy Sweet N Floral
Dizzy Sweet N Floral
Score: 86
by Kat Quinn
caramel, maple creme oolong, dewy cherry
photo of Connor Timid Citrus
Connor Timid Citrus
Score: 96
by Kat Quinn
white tangerine, citron green
photo of Tea Kettle and Cauldron Spice
Tea Kettle and Cauldron Spice
Score: 99
by Kat Quinn
vanilla oolong, masala chai, pumpkin spice
photo of Kieran Fireball Blend
Kieran Fireball Blend
Score: 98
by Kat Quinn
fiery cinnamon spice, rooibos cinnamon apple, gingerbread