Kaitlyn Orme Blends

photo of Dealt a Dirty Hand
Dealt a Dirty Hand
by Kaitlyn Orme
rooibos caramel, chocolate chai, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of A Calculated Risk
A Calculated Risk
by Kaitlyn Orme
gunpowder, currant
photo of A Cooper's Brew
A Cooper's Brew
by Kaitlyn Orme
blood orange, dewy cherry, berry blues
photo of A Sunflower's Promise
A Sunflower's Promise
by Kaitlyn Orme
white strawberry, summer rose, forest berries
photo of A Widows Bouquet
A Widows Bouquet
by Kaitlyn Orme
earl grey lavender, almond oolong
photo of A Book Wyrm's Dessert
A Book Wyrm's Dessert
by Kaitlyn Orme
valentines, vanilla, chocolate chai
photo of The Whispering Highwayman
The Whispering Highwayman
lapsang souchong, pu-erh dante