Jalisa Weschen Blends

photo of Man Born In Rome Yellow Dream
Man Born In Rome Yellow Dream
by Jalisa Wesc...
vanilla, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Enemies-to-Lovers
by Jalisa Wesc...
passionfruit, grapefruit, blood orange
photo of Fluff
by Jalisa Wesc...
rooibos peach, rooibos jasmine, honeybush vanilla
photo of Hanahaki
by Jalisa Wesc...
summer rose, dewy cherry, turmeric bliss
photo of Angst
by Jalisa Wesc...
lapsang souchong, cinnamon, chestnut
photo of Coffee Shop AU
Coffee Shop AU
by Jalisa Wesc...
vanilla, hazelnut, toasted mate
photo of Flat Escardos
Flat Escardos
by Jalisa Wesc...
caramel, butterscotch, chamomile
photo of Reines El-Melloi Archisorte
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte
by Jalisa Wesc...
ceylon sonata, maple creme oolong, chocolate chai
photo of Gray
by Jalisa Wesc...
earl grey lavender, rooibos earl grey, decaf earl grey
photo of Caules Forvedge
Caules Forvedge
by Jalisa Wesc...
peppermint, rooibos cocomint, decaf vanilla
photo of Lord El-Melloi II
Lord El-Melloi II
by Jalisa Wesc...
mambo, ginger, green chai
photo of Ed
by Jalisa Wesc...
pu-erh dante, strawberry, sour apple
photo of Henry
by Jalisa Wesc...
chocolate chip, butterscotch, candy cane
photo of Jessica
by Jalisa Wesc...
earl grey lavender, earl grey green, lychee rose green
photo of Karly
by Jalisa Wesc...
black cherry, valentines
photo of Paula
by Jalisa Wesc...
earl grey moonlight, pomegranate
photo of Lobster Blend
Lobster Blend
by Jalisa Wesc...
earl grey moonlight, summer rose, chamomile
photo of Manage Your Fla-mango
Manage Your Fla-mango
by Jalisa Wesc...
mango green, mango melange, mango mate
photo of Winter Blooms
Winter Blooms
snowbud, rooibos jasmine, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Dunkaccino
by Jalisa Wesc...
cream, hazelnut, tiger eye
photo of Emperor Norton
Emperor Norton
by Jalisa Wesc...
vanilla oolong, mocha nut mate, honeybush banana nut
photo of Mordricordro
by Jalisa Wesc...
rooibos caramel, honeybush chocolate, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Rose hip milk tea
Rose hip milk tea
by Jalisa Wesc...
earl grey moonlight, blueberry
photo of Tamatoa
by Jalisa Wesc...
vanilla oolong, coconut grove pouchong, decaf ceylon