Aiden B Blends

photo of MYURRDURR (The Conductor)
MYURRDURR (The Conductor)
by Aiden B
hojicha, orange, lemon soleil
photo of Bad guy, next! (Mustache girl)
Bad guy, next! (Mustache girl)
by Aiden B
cinnamon, rooibos vanilla chai, wild strawberry
photo of DARLING (DJ Grooves)
DARLING (DJ Grooves)
by Aiden B
earl grey bravo, dewy cherry, berry blast
photo of FOOOOOOOOL (The Snatcher)
FOOOOOOOOL (The Snatcher)
by Aiden B
pomegranate, earl grey moonlight, forest berries
photo of Rush hour (The Empress)
Rush hour (The Empress)
by Aiden B
spiced apple chai, cream, chamomile
photo of Fortunes favor (Loba)
Fortunes favor (Loba)
by Aiden B
summer rose, pu-erh hazelberry, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Bamboozled (Mirage)
Bamboozled (Mirage)
by Aiden B
caramel, vanilla, pumpkin spice
photo of High five! (Pathfinder)
High five! (Pathfinder)
by Aiden B
chamomile, white peony, fruit medley
photo of Felagi fighter (Bloodhound)
Felagi fighter (Bloodhound)
pu-erh dante, forest berries, oriental spice
photo of Assimilation (Revenant)
Assimilation (Revenant)
by Aiden B
blood orange, lapsang souchong, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Haiku (Zer0)
Haiku (Zer0)
by Aiden B
peach bellini, white peony, white tangerine
photo of Aaaand OPEN! (Claptrap)
Aaaand OPEN! (Claptrap)
by Aiden B
rooibos lemon cloud, foxtrot, hojicha
photo of Back in a jiffy! (Zane)
Back in a jiffy! (Zane)
by Aiden B
irish breakfast, gunpowder, pu-erh hazelberry
photo of Get em babe! (Gaige)
Get em babe! (Gaige)
by Aiden B
oriental spice, rooibos cinnamon apple, gunpowder
photo of Into the fray (Fl4k)
Into the fray (Fl4k)
oriental spice, pu-erh dante, gunpowder
photo of Aien Lightflayer
Aien Lightflayer
by Aiden B
gunpowder, peach oolong, decaf vanilla
photo of Avery Atramentaria
Avery Atramentaria
by Aiden B
earl grey moonlight, lavender lemon, forest berries
photo of Bunnie
by Aiden B
fiery cinnamon spice, dewy cherry, wild strawberry
photo of Button
by Aiden B
pomegranate, peach bellini, raspberry patch
photo of Compost twig root
Compost twig root
white cucumber, raspberry patch, white eternal spring
photo of Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer
by Aiden B
lemon soleil, honeybush apricot, oriental spice
photo of Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor
by Aiden B
white peony, earl grey moonlight, lavender lemon
photo of The Courier
The Courier
by Aiden B
gunpowder, pu-erh spice, orange
photo of Mimic (Nosk)
Mimic (Nosk)
pu-erh dante, spiced apple chai, blood orange
photo of Nightmare King (Grimm)
Nightmare King (Grimm)
by Aiden B
pu-erh spice, oriental spice, pumpkin spice
photo of Star warrior (Kirby)
Star warrior (Kirby)
by Aiden B
pina colada, watermelon cooler, wild strawberry
photo of Master of puppetry (Taranza)
Master of puppetry (Taranza)
Score: 99
by Aiden B
white eternal spring, lavender lemon, chamomile
photo of The shape of a heart (Magolor)
The shape of a heart (Magolor)
by Aiden B
earl grey bravo, sour apple, turmeric bliss
photo of Apple tea time (Bandana dee)
Apple tea time (Bandana dee)
Score: 99
by Aiden B
decaf vanilla, sour apple, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Late night dessert (Meta knight)
Late night dessert (Meta knight)
by Aiden B
pu-erh spice, berry blues, tiger eye
photo of Sweet hibiscus tea
Sweet hibiscus tea
by Aiden B
mango melange, hibiscus, turmeric bliss