Donna Rello Blends

photo of Dancer In A Daydream
Dancer In A Daydream
by Donna Rello
coconut, dragon fruit dream, honeybush mango
photo of Living In Danger
Living In Danger
by Donna Rello
almond, fiery cinnamon spice, dewy cherry
photo of Waiting For Magic
Waiting For Magic
by Donna Rello
sour apple, rooibos caramel, candy apple
photo of All That She Wants
All That She Wants
by Donna Rello
coconut, passionfruit, honeybush mango
photo of Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life
by Donna Rello
strawberry, watermelon cooler, honeybush mango
photo of Cinnamon Coffee Latte
Cinnamon Coffee Latte
by Donna Rello
cinnamon, cream, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Italian Rainbow Cookie
Italian Rainbow Cookie
Score: 90
by Donna Rello
almond, raspberry patch, honeybush chocolate